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The Resource Adolescence in Urban India : Cultural Construction in a Society in Transition

Adolescence in Urban India : Cultural Construction in a Society in Transition

Adolescence in Urban India : Cultural Construction in a Society in Transition
Adolescence in Urban India
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Cultural Construction in a Society in Transition
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Adolescence in Urban India : Cultural Construction in a Society in Transition
Adolescence in Urban India : Cultural Construction in a Society in Transition
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  • "Foreword" -- "Preface" -- "Acknowledgements" -- "Contents" -- "About the Author" -- "List of Figures" -- "List of Tables" -- "1 Culture, Context, and Development" -- "Abstract" -- "Individual Development: A Cultureâ{u0080}{u0093}Context Interaction" -- "The Context of Social Change and Globalization" -- "Models of Cultural and Contextual Influences on Human Development" -- "Ecological Framework" -- "Ecological Model of Deprivation" -- "Ecocultural Model" -- "Independent and Interdependent Developmental Pathways" -- "Models of Self" -- "Models of Social Change" -- "Cosmologies and Worldviews" -- "Socialization and Parenting: Culturally Embedded Bidirectional Phenomena" -- "An Indian Model of Human Development, Family, and Self" -- "Parentâ{u0080}{u0093}Child Relationship: Sacred of All Family Relationships" -- "Socialization Goals and Approaches in the Indian-Hindu Worldview" -- "Socialization in Contemporary India: A Society in Flux" -- "The Urban Indian Middle Class" -- "Conceptual Framework of the Sociocultural Construction of Adolescence" -- "About the Empirical Studies" -- "Research Context and Design" -- "Researcherâ{u0080}{u0099}s Positioning" -- "Profile of Participants" -- "Presentation of the Studies" -- "Layout of the Book" -- "References" -- "2 Adolescence: A Sociocultural Construction" -- "Abstract" -- "A Glimpse into Adolescence as a Subject of Scholarly Interest" -- "The Western Perspective on Adolescence" -- "Cross-Cultural Variability in Adolescence" -- "Adolescent Socialization in Cross-Cultural Context" -- "Parentâ{u0080}{u0093}Adolescent Relationship in Cross-Cultural Context: Authority, Autonomy, and Differences" -- "Interpersonal Disagreements: An Inevitable Phenomenon" -- "Adolescence in the Context of Globalization: â{u0080}{u009C}Times Are a Changingâ{u0080}{u009D}" -- "Adolescence in the Indian Cultural Milieu" -- "Adolescence in the Indian-Hindu Model of Development"
  • "Adolescence in Contemporary Indian Society" -- "The Urban Middle Class in Baroda, Gujarat" -- "References" -- "3 Adolescence, the Stage -- Adolescent, the Person" -- "Abstract" -- "Adolescence, the Stage" -- "Developmental Significance, Transition, and Vulnerability" -- "Scholastic Achievement: A Valued Goal, a Compelling Expectation" -- "Parents as Mentors and Family Concerns" -- "Gender Mediating Adolescence" -- "Adolescent, the Person: Attributes, Dreams, and Wishes" -- "Adolescent, the Person: A Blend of Multiple Selves" -- "Ideal Girl and Ideal Boy: Salient Themes" -- "Wielding a Magic Wand, Cherished Memories, Notions of Success, and Future Projections" -- "References" -- "4 Parentâ{u0080}{u0093}Adolescent Relationship: A Circle of Care, Respect, and Faith" -- "Abstract" -- "Parenting Adolescents: A Multilayered Phenomenon" -- "Parents" -- "Adolescents" -- "Nurturant, Anchoring Authority" -- "Adaptable Authority" -- "An Ideal Parent: Parentsâ{u0080}{u0099} Perceptions" -- "What Kinds of Challenges Do Parents Experience in the Process of Parenting Adolescents? What Parenting Practices Are Most Effective to Meet These Challenges?" -- "Duty, Respect, Faith, and Care: Guiding Elements of the Parentâ{u0080}{u0093}Adolescent Relationship" -- "Interpersonal Disagreements: Pervasively Present" -- "Everyday Disagreements: Themes, Resolution and Reasoning" -- "Hypothetical Situations: Mixed Group Weekend Picnic, Career Choice, and Marriage Partner Selection" -- "Real Life Disagreements" -- "Accommodation and Reasoning Used During Disagreements" -- "Adolescent Accommodation to Parents" -- "Parent Accommodation to Adolescent and Adolescent Self-assertion" -- "Patterns of Resolution Across Interpersonal Disagreements" -- "References" -- "5 Uncertainties, Insecurities, and Worries: The Bane of Globalization" -- "Abstract" -- "Globalization: Interplay of Opportunities and Risks"
  • "Fixation on Scholastic Achievement: Will the Adolescent Make the Cut?" -- "The Cell Phone: An Instrument of Privacy or a Lurking Menace?" -- "The Gender Factor: Resilient and Restrictive" -- "Girl-Boy Friendships: â{u0080}{u009C}To Have or Not to Haveâ{u0080}{u009D} Is the Question" -- "Marriage: â{u0080}{u009C}Advise, But PLEASE, Let it be My Choiceâ{u0080}{u009D}" -- "Social Comparisons: Vying to Get the Best, Be the Best" -- "Generation Gap: So Whatâ{u0080}{u0099}s New? Or Is There?" -- "â{u0080}{u009C}Badâ{u0080}{u009D} Peer Influence: A Nagging Worry for Parents" -- "References" -- "6 Conclusions, Reflections, and Implications" -- "Abstract" -- "Adolescents and Parents Amid the Pull and Push of the Globalizing Context" -- "Parivartan, Vulnerability, and Academic Achievement: Defining Features of Adolescence in the Urban Indian Middle Class" -- "Parenting Adolescents: A Mélange of Friend, Guardian, and Guide" -- "Parental Authority: Recasting the Traditional Model" -- "Adolescent Self-conception: Multiplicity of Individual, Relational, and Encompassing Selves" -- "The Related-Autonomous Self: Waiting in the Wings?" -- "Adolescent-Parent Relationship: An Edifice of Faith, Duty, and Care" -- "Parents as â{u0080}{u0098}Managersâ{u0080}{u0099} and Adolescents as â{u0080}{u0098}Projectsâ{u0080}{u0099}" -- "Gender: The Eternal Iceberg" -- "Interplay of Cultural Continuity and Change" -- "Whither Blow the Winds of Change?" -- "Conceptual Framework Revisited" -- "Implications for Adolescent Development" -- "References" -- "Appendix A: Survey Questionnaire" -- "Survey Questionnaire for Adolescents" -- "Outline placeholder" -- "Section I" -- "Section II" -- "Survey Questionnaire for Parents" -- "Outline placeholder" -- "Section I" -- "Section II" -- "Appendix B: Interview Form: Real Life Disagreements" -- "Appendix C: Interview Form: Adolescence Stage and Self" -- "Outline placeholder" -- "Adolescents" -- "Parents" -- "Appendix D: Focus Group Discussion Guidelines"
  • "Outline placeholder" -- "Adolescents" -- "Parents"
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