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The Resource Accountability, Transparency and Democracy in the Functioning of Bretton Woods Institutions

Accountability, Transparency and Democracy in the Functioning of Bretton Woods Institutions

Accountability, Transparency and Democracy in the Functioning of Bretton Woods Institutions
Accountability, Transparency and Democracy in the Functioning of Bretton Woods Institutions
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Accountability, Transparency and Democracy in the Functioning of Bretton Woods Institutions
Accountability, Transparency and Democracy in the Functioning of Bretton Woods Institutions
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  • Preface -- Contents -- Contributors -- Part I: The Governance and the Reforms in Progress -- Transparency and Democracy in the Governance of the International Monetary Fund and Reforms in Progress: A Voting Power Analys... -- 1 The Reforms -- 2 Real and Apparent Voting Power -- 3 Weighted Voting and Voting Power Analysis -- 4 Weighted Voting in the IMF Governors -- 5 Impact of the Reforms on Voting Power Distribution -- 6 Gainers and Losers of Voting Power -- 7 Conclusions -- Appendix -- References -- The Evolution of the International Monetary Fund in Response to the Global Financial Crisis -- 1 Introduction -- 2 The Adequacy of Fundś Resources and the Role of Quotas -- 3 The Legitimacy Problem of the Fund and the Quota Shares -- 4 The Review of the Lending Instruments of the Fund -- 5 Conclusions -- References -- China and The IMF: A Troubled Relationship -- 1 Introduction -- 2 The Beijing Consensus: A Successful Model? -- 3 The Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralization: The Seed of an Emerging Asian Monetary Fund -- 4 The Inclusion of Renminbi in the Basket of IMF Special Drawing Rights -- 5 The Representation of China Inside the Fund: Concluding Remarks -- References -- The New Development Bank: Another BRICS in the Wall? -- 1 Introduction: The Missed Reform of International Monetary Fund as a Driving Force for BRICS Countries -- 2 The New Development Bank -- 3 The NDBś Governance and the Impact on Membership -- 4 Outlook and Final Remarks -- References -- Part II: The Constitutionalization of the Ẁ̀ashington Consensuś ́in the European Union -- From Washington Consensus to Brussels Consensus -- 1 Introduction -- 2 The New Classicism -- 3 The Maastricht Treaty: The Consensus in the Constitution -- 4 Global Death and European Resurgence of the Washington Consensus -- 5 The IMF Mea Culpa -- 6 Conclusion -- References
  • The Constitutionalization of the Washington Consensus in the European Union: Giving up the Social Market Economy -- 1 The Washington Consensus and Its Influence on Bretton Woods Institutions -- 2 The Treaty of Maastricht and Its Limits -- 3 The Washington Consensus and Its Influence on the Maastricht Treaty -- 4 No Changes in the European Approach to Monetary and Economic Policy Despite the Crisis -- 5 Concluding Remarks -- References -- Participatory Democracy Within the Revision of the European Economic Governance Due to the Euro-Zone Crisis -- 1 Introductory Remarks -- 2 The Debate on the Weak Democratic Legitimacy of the Revised Governance -- 3 Democracy Under the Treaty on the European Union as Revised by the Lisbon Treaty -- 4 Participatory Democracy Within the European Union and Within Named International Economic Organizations -- 5 Conclusion -- References -- Brexit. Europe Betrayed? -- 1 The Island and Brussels -- 2 Creative Austerity -- 3 Speculation: From Exchange Rates to Sovereign Debt -- 4 Brexit and the P Factor -- References -- Part III: Accountability and Independent Complaint Mechanisms -- Independent Accountability Mechanisms -- How Multilateral Financial Institutions Can Be the Front Runners for Commercial Financi... -- 1 Introduction -- 2 History of Accountability Mechanisms -- 3 Limitations in the Mandates -- 4 The China Case -- 5 Influence of Non-Governmental Organizations -- 6 The MFI Mechanisms on a Cross Road: Are They Independent? -- 7 Urgency for Revival of the Mechanisms in a Changing Era -- 8 Standards of the UN and the OECD Regarding Accountability Mechanisms -- 9 The OECD Order of Expected Responsibilities -- 10 A Grievance Mechanism or Accountability Mechanism? -- 11 Will European Commercial Banks be the First with an Accountability Mechanism? -- 12 Dutch Government Took Action -- 13 Concluding -- References
  • Accountability in International Organisations: Reviewing the World Banḱs Environmental and Social Framework -- 1 Introduction -- 2 Filling the Void: Safeguard Standards and the World Bank Inspection Panel -- 2.1 The World Bank Inspection Panel and the Genesis of Citizen-Driven Accountability -- 2.2 Adapting to a Changing Landscape -- 3 Towards a New Environmental and Social Framework -- 3.1 Hierarchy, Integration and the Division of Labor -- 3.2 Answering the Call of Country Ownership -- 3.3 The Downstream Approach: Assessment, Management and Implementation Support -- 3.4 Exploring New Terrain: Substantive Expansion of the Safeguard Standards -- 4 The Environmental and Social Framework in the World Bank: Limits and Perils -- 4.1 The Nexus Between the Environmental and Social Framework and International Law -- 4.2 From Law to Management? On the Nature of Accountability -- 4.2.1 Benchmarks of Compliance -- 4.2.2 The Move to Ownership from the Perspective of Accountability -- 4.2.3 The Role of the Inspection Panel -- 4.3 Development Policy Lending and Programming for Results -- 5 Conclusion -- References -- Part IV: Conditionality and Socio Economic Impact -- IMF Conditionality and Socio-Economic Impact -- 1 Introduction and Main Considerations -- 2 Issues in Context: The Rationale for Conditionality in IMF Programs and Basic Principles for Its Design -- 3 Macro-Social Conditionality: Trends and Outcomes -- 4 Some Evidence from the Recent Crisis -- References -- The Human Rights Effects of Participation in Program Lending Versus the CESCR -- 1 What Are Economic and Social Rights? -- 2 International Governmental Regimes Characteristics and Respect for Human Rights -- 3 The Negative Human Rights Effects of the International Finance Regime -- 4 Participation in the Human Rights Regime and Respect for Human Rights
  • 5 Measuring Government Respect for Economic and Social Rights -- 6 Hypotheses -- 7 Research Design -- 8 Results -- 9 Conclusions -- References -- Part V: The Impact of Bretton Woods Institutions on Civil Society -- Bretton Woods: The Pursuit of Happiness? -- 1 Human Rights, Democracy and Development -- 2 The Spirit of Bretton Woods -- 3 Challenges and Common Roots -- 4 The Response of New Neoliberalism -- 5 The Role of Fundamental Rights as an Element of Economic Stability -- 6 Conclusions: Bretton Woods and the Pursuit of Happiness? -- References -- Accountability and Transparency in Bretton Woods Institution. Two Concrete Experiences -- Negotiating the EÚs Future: An Italian Perspective -- References
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