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The Resource A Stargazing Program for Beginners : A Pocket Field Guide

A Stargazing Program for Beginners : A Pocket Field Guide

A Stargazing Program for Beginners : A Pocket Field Guide
A Stargazing Program for Beginners
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A Pocket Field Guide
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Astronomer's Pocket Field Guide
A Stargazing Program for Beginners : A Pocket Field Guide
A Stargazing Program for Beginners : A Pocket Field Guide
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  • Dedication -- Preface -- Acknowledgments -- About the Author -- Contents -- Part I: The Wide-Eyed View -- Chapter 1: January: Where Am I? -- The Stars of January -- How to Stargaze -- Where to Stargaze -- When to Stargaze -- Avoiding a Bright Moon -- Where to Stand -- What to Wear in Winter -- Feet -- Legs -- Core -- Hands -- Head -- Neck -- Don't Forget -- The 20 Minute Rule -- Three Ways to Go Star-Blind -- The Truth About Light Pollution -- The Sun -- A Warning -- Naked Eye Target: The Sun -- The Sun and the Night Sky -- Celestial Geography -- Finding Your Way Around -- Download a Free Star Chart -- How to Use a Star Chart -- Using a Planisphere -- The Big Dipper -- Naked Eye Target: The Big Dipper -- Our Nearest Star Cluster -- Naked Eye Target: Mizar and Alcor -- A Constant Constellation -- How to Find the North Star -- Naked Eye Target: Polaris, the North Star -- Why Doesn't Polaris Appear to Move? -- The Truth About Polaris -- The Moving Sky: How to See the Earth's Rotation -- The Big Dipper Versus Cassiopeia -- Naked Eye Constellation: Cassiopeia -- Looking East -- Sirius: The Brightest Star in the Sky -- Naked Eye Target: Sirius, the Brightest Star -- The Sun Versus Sirius -- Star or Planet? -- The Orion Illusion -- Naked Eye Constellation: Orion -- Orion's Belt: The Great Illusion -- The Moon -- Naked Eye Target: The Moon -- References -- Chapter 2: February: Soaked in Stars -- The Stars of February -- Sidewalk Stargazing -- Idle Stargazing -- The Rhythms of the Cosmos -- The Universe in Your Hands -- The Celestial Sphere -- Hands in the Air -- Activity: Measure the Moon -- Calculate Your Latitude -- The Winter Circle -- Naked Eye Target: The Winter Circle -- The Sky in 3D -- The Milky Way -- Naked Eye Target: The Orion Arm of the Milky Way -- Serene Stargazing -- Sit Back and Relax -- Around the Winter Circle
  • Star-hop: Bellatrix to Aldebaran and the Pleiades -- Naked Eye Target: The Pleiades, M45 -- What Is an Open Cluster? -- Naked Eye Target: The Hyades Open Cluster -- Naked Eye Constellation: Taurus -- Orion, the Stepping Stone -- Naked Eye Target: Betelgeuse, the Supergiant -- Naked Eye Target: The Winter Triangle -- Betelgeuse: The Next Supernova? -- The Supernova Six -- The Color of Stars -- Naked Eye Target: Rigel -- Sizing-up the Circle -- The Orion Nebula -- Naked Eye Target: The Orion Nebula -- Nebulas and Star Clusters -- Light Speed, Distance and Deep Time -- All Starlight is Old Light -- The Way Things Were -- Deep Time -- The Age of Everything -- Where Are We? -- Stargazing Apps -- Using Smartphone Apps -- Choosing a Stargazing App -- Tracking the Live Sky -- Swapping Hemispheres -- A Cosmic Faux Pas? -- The Moon in Motion -- Naked Eye Target: The Full Moon -- References -- Chapter 3: March: The Plane Truth -- The Stars of March -- The Ecliptic and Planet-Hunting -- The Ecliptic -- The Visible Planets -- How to Identify a Planet -- Spring Constellations -- Star-hop: Arc to Arcturus -- Naked Eye Target: Arcturus -- The Celestial Equator -- The Arcturus Stream -- Naked Eye Constellation: Bootes -- Naked Eye Constellation: Auriga -- Naked Eye Target: Capella -- Naked Eye Target: Procyon -- Naked Eye Constellation: Gemini -- Naked Eye Target: Canis Major {u2026} and Felis Major? -- Make Your Own Constellations -- Expand Your Horizons -- Naked Eye Target: Sunset -- The Four-Minute Map -- Celestial Motion -- The Dawn Raid -- Naked Eye Target: The Pre-dawn Sky -- Understanding the Equinox -- Two Celestial Stomachs -- The Great Bear's Belly -- Naked Eye Constellation: Ursa Major -- The Realm of the Galaxies -- Naked Eye Constellation: Leo -- Under the Lion's Belly -- The Astronomical Calendar -- Conjunctions, Elongations, Eclipses and Oppositions
  • Useful Websites -- Coping with Disappointment -- How to Be an Outsider -- Clear the Area -- Switch-off the Lights -- Full or Spare Batteries -- Stargazing Uniform -- Pen and Paper -- Phases of the Moon -- New (Rises at Sunrise, Sets at Sunset) -- Waxing Crescent -- First Quarter (Rises at Noon, Sets at Midnight) -- Waxing Gibbous -- Full (Rises at Sunset, Sets at Sunrise) -- Waning Gibbous -- Third Quarter (Rises at Midnight, Sets at Noon) -- Waning Crescent -- When to Moon-gaze -- Naked Eye Target: Earthshine on the Moon -- The Philosophy of Naked Eye Stargazing -- Use Your Eyes -- Sideways into Space -- The Importance of Patience -- References -- Part II: A Closer Look -- Chapter 4: April: The Galaxy Revealed -- The Stars of April -- Star-hop to Spica -- Arc to Arcturus, Spike to Spica -- Naked Eye Target: Spica -- Naked Eye Asterism: The Spring Diamond -- The Lyrids -- Naked Eye Target: Lyrids Meteor Shower -- Should I Travel to Watch the Lyrids? -- A New Layer -- Binocular Target: The Night Sky -- Access All Areas -- Choosing Binoculars -- The Magnification Myth -- First Light -- Binocular Target: Mizar and Alcor -- Binocular Target: The Moon -- How to Focus and Calibrate Binoculars -- Binocular Target: The Pleiades -- How to Hold Binoculars -- Binocular Target: The Orion Nebula, M42 -- Reducing Image-Shake -- Binocular Target: The Perseus Double Cluster -- How to Wear Binoculars -- Binocular Target: M41 Beneath Sirius -- Avert Your Eyes -- The Deep Sky -- Two Red Giants -- Binocular Target: Jupiter and the Galilean Moons -- Binocular Target: Betelgeuse -- Sister Clusters -- Binocular Target: Hyades Open Cluster -- Naked Eye Constellation: Cancer -- Binocular Target: The Beehive Cluster, M44 -- A Common Origin -- Written in the Stars -- How Stars Are Named -- How Galaxies Are Named -- The Messier Mess -- NGC, IC and HD Explained -- Need to Know
  • Diamonds, Dragons and Dippers -- Naked Eye and Binocular Constellation: Ursa Minor -- Binocular Target: The Engagement Ring -- Naked Eye Constellation: Draco -- Do We Need Constellations? -- Why Constellations Are Irrelevant -- Why Constellations Are Essential -- Myths and Method -- References -- Chapter 5: May: Binocular Tours -- The Stars of May -- Eta Aquarids -- Mind's Eye Target: Halley's Comet -- Meet the Grandparents -- Naked Eye Constellation: Hercules and the Keystone -- Binocular Target: The Great Hercules Cluster, M13 -- The Empty Quarter -- Star-hop to Coma Berenices -- Naked Eye and Binocular Constellation: Coma Berenices -- Binocular Target: The Coma Star Cluster/Melotte 111, Coma Berenices -- Naked Eye Constellation: Virgo -- The Virgo Cluster -- The Line of Sight Limit -- The Unobservable Universe -- Zone of Avoidance -- The Brightness of Stars -- Naked Eye Star: Vega -- Know Your Limits -- Say What You See -- Moving Groups -- The Castor Moving Group -- Stellar Motion -- A Double Star -- Naked Eye Constellation: Lyra -- Naked Eye and Binocular Target: Epsilon Lyrae, the Double Double -- Twenty-First Century Stargazing -- Satellites -- The International Space Station -- What the ISS Looks Like -- When to See the ISS -- Where to Look for the ISS -- Why to Look for the ISS -- Emails from Outer Space -- ISS Apps -- Naked Eye and Binocular Target: The International Space Station -- Photographing the ISS -- Where to Point Your Camera -- Composing the Shot -- Taking the Shot -- The Crescent Moon -- Naked Eye Target: The Crescent Moon -- References -- Chapter 6: June: The Night Shift -- The Stars of June -- The Summer Triangle -- Naked Eye Asterism: The Summer Triangle -- Binocular Constellation: Corona Borealis -- Northern Exposure -- Naked Eye Constellation: Canes Venatici -- Binocular Asterism: The Baby Giraffe Near Cor Caroli
  • Mind's Eye Target: The Hubble Deep Field -- The Summer Solstice -- How the Summer Solstice Works -- Precession of the Equinoxes -- The Tropics -- The Zodiac -- The Origins of the Zodiac -- The Zodiacal Constellations -- Naked Eye Constellation: Gemini -- Astrology and Stargazing -- Astronomy vs. Astrology -- Astrology's Inaccuracies -- Star Signs of Ancients -- Stargaze Your Star-Sign -- The Orphans of Ophiuchus -- Naked Eye Constellation: Ophiuchus -- Mind's Eye Target: Barnard's Star -- Mind's Eye Target: Voyager 1 -- The Secret Calendar -- Check with the Moon -- The Stargazing Window -- Photographing the Night Sky -- What You Need -- Preparing Your Camera -- Find a Dark Place -- Composing the Shot -- Taking the Shot -- Experiment with Settings -- Reviewing the Results -- References -- Chapter 7: July: Deep South -- The Stars of July -- Royal Stars -- Naked Eye and Binocular Target: Antares -- Binocular Target: Globular Cluster M4 -- Brief Encounters -- Occulting Made Easy -- Catching a Conjunction -- Super-Conjunctions -- Rivals in Red -- Naked Eye Target: Mars -- Galactic Geography -- Southern Star-Fields -- Naked Eye Constellation: Scorpius -- The Tragedy of Latitude -- Binocular Asterism: The Teapot -- Binocular Target: Ptolemy's Cluster, M7 -- Binocular Target: Globular Cluster M22 -- Binocular Target: Lagoon and Triffid Nebulae, M8 and M20 -- Binocular Target: The Small Sagittarius Star Cloud, M24 -- Binocular Target: The Methuselah Star -- Swapping Hemispheres -- The Inner Planets -- The Brightest 'Star' -- The Impetuous Planets -- The Outer Planets -- From Dusk till Dawn -- Planets Go Backwards -- The Geocentric Illusion -- The Evening Star -- Binocular Target: Venus -- The Elusive Planet -- Binocular Target: Mercury -- Naked Eye Target: Venus and Mercury in Conjunction -- Delta Aquarids -- The Northern Cross
  • Naked Eye Asterism and Constellation: The Northern Cross and Cygnus
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